A backlog of reflections from Japan and Australia

It’s been an exciting month of learning from and contributing to the Lean community. The result is that I’ve built up quite a backlog of topics that I want to write about and share with you.

I just wrapped up a week of learning, teaching and practice at the Australasian Lean Thinking and Practice Summit and Lean Healthcare Symposium, and with the Victorian Department of Health.

I lived in Sydney for four years and it is always great to spend time in Australia. What a wonderful country and I had a fantastic time sharing my experiences about the power of personal habits to become a better coach (asking effective questions, listening, and self-reflection), as well as learning from a wide range of international speakers.

I will be spending the next few weeks catching up on my reflections from the past week and some of the Japanese gemba visits that I conducted in April.

I also have some exciting learnings lined up for the next two months including a site visit to a Japanese hospital, another Toyota site, and more time with Yoshino-san learning about Toyota and leadership.

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