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Welcome to Katie Anderson's Leadership Learning Academy

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Join Live Workshop on Leadership with Katie Anderson and Isao Yoshino

Expand Your Chain of Learning: A Leader's Role in Developing People the Toyota Way

February 17th at 2pm PST


"The execution of Katie's delivery of core concepts is significant and well-articulated making them easier to grasp and practice. Katie makes the learning environment relaxing, friendly and kind where expression of ideas and questions are welcomed. I have grown immensely in knowledge and understanding through Katie’s teachings."


Self-Paced Learning

Leading to Learn Masterclass: 3 Practices to Become an Effective People-Centered Leader

Start with Purpose, Intention, and Reflection.

Informed by her work and inspired by her book Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn: Lessons from Toyota Leader Isao Yoshino on a Lifetime of Continuous Learning, in this pre-recorded workshop Katie Anderson shares examples and three practices of Purpose, Intention, and Reflection that will help you align your purpose and your actions in service of creating an organization where everyone is aligned and engaged in solving problems.

Break the Telling Habit

Break the Telling Habit Workshop

Ready to unlock your team’s potential?

We all want to lead innovative, creative teams. Ones that are capable, confident, and engaged. But for some reason, yours just isn’t working out that way.

If you can learn to break the “telling habit” and start tapping into the power of effective questions, you open up whole new horizons of possibility for your organization, your team, and yourself!

Expand Your Chain of Learning

Expand Your Chain of Learning Workshop

Revitalize yourself and your team.

Get ready to dive in and understand the importance of developing people AND achieving goals.

Learn how you can create a greater connection with your people, simplify your problem-solving process, and feel connected to and uplifted by your purpose, as you get back to the heart of leadership during this workshop.

Introduction to Hoshin Kanri: Getting Started With Personal Hoshin

Create Your Personal Strategic Plan.

Are you curious what hoshin kanri (strategy deployment) is all about? Are you interested in learning how you can apply strategic planning to yourself?

Join 40-year Toyota leader Isao Yoshino and Katie Anderson for an introductory course on hoshin kanri and personal hoshin. You will learn the fundamentals of hoshin kanri and make progress on developing your personal hoshin (strategy) document using the Toyota hoshin framework.

Continuing with Hoshin Kanri: How to "Check" to Create a "No Blame" Culture

Pursue Continuous Improvement.

How often does your organization, your team, or you “check”, study, and reflect on progress towards goals? How do you create a culture that welcomes “bad news” and makes problems visible?

Learn how to effectively “check” on the progress of a significant initiative or personal goals, and how to create a “no blame” culture where bad news and problems are seen as a source of learning.

Hoshin Kanri Bundle

Plan. Implement. Improve. Strategy Across the Hierarchy.

In this bundle you will receive both the Introduction to Hoshin Kanri workshop and Continuing with Hoshin Kanri workshop.

This learning experience introduces concepts that Yoshino and Anderson have taught together in in-person events around the world and in the book Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn. In this training, you’ll not only learn about hoshin kanri but you will dive deeper into the “how to” of hoshin kanri, checking, and your personal practice.

Learning to Lead Accelerator Cohort

Leading to Learn Accelerator March 2022

Leading to Learn Accelerator

Part book study and self-paced reflection, part facilitated course, part group coaching… take the lessons off the page and into your life.

Whether or not you’ve already read Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn, the 12-week facilitated Leading to Learn Accelerator will give you the space and structure to dig deeper into what it means to be an intentional people-centered leader and learn actionable ways to incorporate these lessons into your leadership practice.

Join an international cohort of leaders from around the world to learn from Katie Anderson’s two-decades of coaching and consulting combined with Mr. Yoshino’s 40-years of leadership at Toyota to:

How to Ask Effective Questions

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Learning to Lead Leading to Learn Book

Top 10 Toyota Leadership Lessons

Receive a PDF of the first top 10 leadership lessons and insights that I learned from Mr. Isao Yoshino, a leader at Toyota for over 40 years. These lessons and more inspired us to create the bestselling book “Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn.”