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If you don’t have a copy already, you can click here to get a PDF of the top 10 Toyota leadership lessons that Mr. Yoshino shared me in 2015 & 2016. I’m working an a new addition with 10 more!


Katie Anderson Head Shot - Dec2014About me

I am passionate about helping individuals and organizations gain clarity on their goals, deepen their problem solving skills, and continuously improve.

I help leaders learn how to ask better questions – which I have come to see as the most fundamental skill that supports improvement, better strategic thinking and problem solving.

I have 20 years of experience in supporting change and improvement in organizations across a range of industries, including healthcare, academia, research, government, start-ups, and insurance, though my primary focus has been on leading transformational change in healthcare organizations.

In 2013 I started an independent consulting and coaching practice to help clients deepen their organizational and individual capabilities in problem solving, strategy, and leadership.

In addition to consulting and coaching, I am a faculty member of Catalysis (formerly the Thedacare Center for Healthcare Value) and the Lean Enterprise Institute where I teach workshops about coaching and problem solving. I also coach masters students in the Fisher School of Business MBOE program and serve as a Member of the Board for the Mother’s Milk Bank and a Member of the Quality and Patient Experience Board Committee at El Camino Hospital.

Prior to starting my consulting practice, I held senior Lean leadership roles at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation and Stanford Children’s Health, was a Fulbright Scholar to Australia, and served as a consultant for PricewaterHouse Coopers Australia and a research analyst at the University of California at San Francisco and the University of Sydney.

I am currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area, though I still regularly travel to Japan, where I lived for 18 months from 2015-16. I love road biking, spending time with my 2 young sons and my husband, connecting with people and exploring new places!

Living, studying and working around the world, including the U.S., Spain, the U.K., Australia and Japan, has given me a global perspective about leadership, Lean and life and I enjoy sharing what I am learning with you here.

About this blog

I started this blog in January 2015 when my family moved to Japan for 18 months. I wanted to use this unique opportunity to not only learn as much as possible about Lean, leadership, and Japanese culture, but also to share it with a broader community.

I love writing and connecting with you and others around the world. Writing this blog has become an important part of my practice as it is a great forcing function to slow down and reflect. It’s a habit that I haven’t given up since moving back to the United States in June 2016.

My approach to coaching and consulting

Posts on this blog

There are many posts that share my perspective on coaching, consulting, leadership and Lean. Here are some highlights:

Lean Post articles

I also write for the Lean Enterprise Institute‘s Lean Post, which reflect my approach to learning, coaching, and improvement. Articles include:

My most popular Lean Post article “How to Get Out of the Habit of Telling” was translated into Portuguese and published in Brazil.

Planet Lean articles

I also write for Planet Lean. Articles include:

Podcasts and videos

You can hear my thoughts on the following podcasts and videos.

Interview with LEI about my workshop on coaching using the Personal Improvement A3 Process:


Gemba Academy Podcast: How to Use A3 Thinking with Katie Anderson

Lean Blog Podcast with Mark Graban #2 – Observing Lean in Japan

Public Engagements

I contact with clients directly for coaching, consulting and learning experiences, as well as offer public workshops, primarily through Catalysis, LEI and other conference/event organizers. Here are a sample of some recent public offerings.

Upcoming public events:

Recent past public events:

Social media

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Katie’s Twitter profile: @kbjanderson