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Part book study, part facilitated course, part group coaching… take the lessons off the page and into your life.

Learn to be a more intentional, people-centered leader in just 10 weeks, and build a meaningful legacy.

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It’s easy to believe that to be a great leader or coach you have to be the expert
in the room with all the answers.

But, what if that belief is not true?

Not only is it not true, it’s also not helpful, because ultimately it leads to you putting out all the fires and completing urgent tasks instead of using your problem-solving skills and your time to address the most impactful challenges to develop people.


I’m Katie Anderson, internationally recognized leadership and learning coach, consultant, and professional speaker, and this is what I believe:

Intentional leadership and coaching is one of the most powerful ways to nurture transformation and discovery in your people, as they learn, grow, develop and succeed, while your business achieves significant results.

“I had the privilege of being coached by Katie Anderson and it was such a learning experience for me and finally helped in understanding how to be a better person and eventually a better leader.”

Andrea Carli,
Business Process Excellence Manager, Italy, Accelerator Alum
Andrea Carli on Leading to Learn Accelerator


Leading to Learn Accelerator

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“What a learning journey! 60 fascinating, insightful and inspiring days of learning with Katie Anderson. So grateful for this learning experience along with you all on how to create a learning organization and how to develop yourself while developing others.”

Sabrina Malter,
Strategy and Organizational Change Manager, Roche, Germany, Accelerator Alum
Accelerator Testimonial Sabrina
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There’s no reason why you can’t do what the *great leaders have done…
(*the leaders at Toyota, Nike, Intel, Disney...those leaders)


Here’s what’s waiting for you on the other side of the Accelerator...

Leading to Learn Accelerator withKatie Anderson
Leading to Learn Accelerator with Katie Anderson on telling and asking effective questions

Ultimately, this Accelerator provides you with the focus to successfully navigate the leadership and coaching continuums of:

It will guide you to better fulfill your purpose as a leader and coach, while helping others to be their best selves.

"This course helps you craft your own leadership flight path and leads you on a journey of self discovery that is very enlightening. Being able to share the challenges of your leadership development with Katie and the other course participants is extremely helpful. You don't have to struggle on your own! Katie is an excellent coach, asks great questions to make you think and is always positive and smiling!”

Eddie Smith
Operations Manager, Zenitec, New Zealand, Accelerator Alum
Eddie Smith on Leading to Learn Accelerator

Take a look at how a period of rapid growth in the family business inspired a small leadership team to seek out the new skills they needed…by learning and improving together (with a little help from me!) Learn more about Eddie & his family.

You and your organization want (and deserve) more…

More engagement of your people
More problems solved
More satisfied customers
More revenue generated

But you’re too busy juggling competing priorities to be able to do it all

What if the secret to success didn’t come from doing more, but rather from learning more and creating more value by engaging everyone in problem-solving at all levels?

What if the secret to achieving more came from adjusting how you lead your team to learn and how you lead yourself?

So, what is the Leading to Learn Accelerator?

If you’re new to my work...there are two important things you need to know in order to understand what this Accelerator is:

1. I’ve had the privilege to coach teams and individuals around the world to become more effective leaders; and

2. I’ve written a #1 International Bestseller, Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn.

Katie Anderson holding the book on Leading to Learn Accelerator

In Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn, Toyota leader Isao Yoshino and I discuss what it means to learn, to lead, and to care. Created through years of collaboration, this book offers our shared reflections on leadership and learning, providing readers an inspirational experience that defies generational and cultural divides.

The Accelerator is structured around the book as a shared learning experience. 

You don’t need to have previously read Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn to take part in the Accelerator — If you haven’t yet read the book, this will be the perfect opportunity to discover your lessons from the stories within.

If you have read the book, I’m so excited to support you here to deepen your experience and lessons learned as you reflect with a new perspective.

“Through intention setting and reflection, I believe I have made progress on not always jumping straight to providing an answer or solving a problem. I recognize when I am doing this and step back and ask the team more questions to help them get a deeper understanding of the issue and what needs to be done. I still have a long road ahead, but I am definitely more aware when this is happening and can catch myself in time to save the learning opportunity.”

Jenni Gasson
Director, Tenure - Ministry of Energy & Resources - Government of Saskatchewan, Canada, Accelerator Alum
Jenni Gasson on Leading to Learn Accelerator

For leaders and coaches who want to lead from the heart and inspire the mind, become more innovative & effective, and achieve greater collective success with their team and organization…

Join the 10-week Leading to Learn Accelerator today so you can inspire, grow, and achieve more as an intentional leader.

Starting in October 2021, you’ll work with me, Katie Anderson, to:

What's included..

Five 60-minute interactive group coaching sessions + weekly check-ins + complimentary Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn Workbook + community forum + two 1-hour live sessions with Isao Yoshino & exclusive access to both Mr. Yoshino and me, Katie Anderson, + a host of additional bonuses and more 

All valued at over $5500

For less than $100 per week join the Accelerator.

“I got that ‘aha’ moment so early on in the Leading to Learn Accelerator program. I remember just sitting there…you know when you stop and pause, the penny really has dropped. The ability to marry purpose and intention is something so fundamental for a leader.”

Dr. Mark Bloomfield,
Director of Commercial Transformation, Global, United Kingdom, Accelerator Alum
Dr Mark Bloomfield

Clients of Katie Anderson include...


You’re committed to being the leader you know you can be, who’s innovative and effective, achieving greater success, as you advance collective learning with your team and organization.

But…if you’re like a lot of people I’ve worked with, you’re probably also…

  • Not entirely sure how to align your habits with your purpose
  • Struggling to get the results you want as a leader or coach, while helping your people grow, despite your best efforts
  • Frazzled, because you’re juggling all the problems, instead of leading or coaching a team to solve them, while you focus on growth, value, and productivity (i.e. the BIGGER PICTURE)

I know what that’s like.

Through my own journey as a people-centered leader, I’ve discovered the power of living and leading with intention. 

Earlier in my career, I realized that many of my habits were not aligned with my purpose:

To help people learn, grow, and contribute to the organization's success.

With the support of a coach, I began to focus on improving myself to align my actions with my purpose, honing my skills as an intentional leader. 

I spent a few years really focusing on intention as a coach and as a leader.

Then I had the opportunity to move to Japan with my family. My time there enriched my knowledge and experience even more. It was there that I met Isao Yoshino, a leader at Toyota for over 40 years.

Leading to Learn Accelerator with Katie Anderson sitting in the couch portrait
Accelerator class with past students

Together, Mr Yoshino and I spent years in purposeful reflection and writing, resulting in my international bestselling book Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn: Lessons from Toyota Leader Isao Yoshino on a Lifetime of Continuous Learning. 

Exploring what it means to learn, to lead, and to care, it’s a book for leaders of all levels, in any industry, anywhere in the world, who strive to create a culture of continuous learning and to lead with intention — by helping others discover their best selves, while also developing themselves.

I’ve helped thousands of individuals and their organizations to reach their full potential and be inspired to live and lead with intention, so they can help others do the same.

“This program gave me deeper meaning to learn my purpose in my personal and professional life as well as a human being on Earth, learning tools to reflect more effectively and developing a habit of writing them amplify my commitment to improving myself. I now feel empowered to lead with intention, and confident in my ability to create patterns of behavior to support my team and our organization.”

Carolline Day,
EHS Manager, United States, Accelerator Alum
Leading to Learn Accelerator Testimonial with Carolline
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Now, it’s your turn to accelerate your growth as an intentional people-centered leader.

Is the Leading to Learn Accelerator for you?

This intimate course is limited to individuals who are committed to making real progress for themselves, within their teams, and within their organizations.


The Leading to Learn Accelerator isn’t just a course — it’s an accelerator for your personal growth as a leader and a learner.

Part book study and self-paced reflection, part facilitated course, part group coaching…take the lessons off the page and into your life.

You’ll dig deeper into what it means to be an intentional people-centered leader and learn actionable ways to incorporate these learnings into your leadership practice.

Join the Accelerator and take advantage of learning from my experiences and tangible insights about leadership and coaching & Mr. Yoshino’s decades of learning and leading at Toyota to:

Imagine what you can do for yourself and your team in just 10 weeks of purposeful practice, the support of a caring coach, and the engagement within a global community.

It’s time to not only lead, but live with intention.

Learn how to set direction and provide the support needed for collective success, all while developing yourself at the same time.

Accelerator Program Structure

Your journey in the Accelerator will follow five two-week modules. Each includes targeted reading, a specific exercise in your workbook, lessons led by Katie for you to watch at your own pace, and facilitated group coaching sessions.

The focused topics for each module are:


Deepen your understanding of your purpose, both the known and discovered dimensions of your life. Set your intention for your leadership learning journey and the tangible outcomes you want to achieve. Establish a daily habit of reflection, which will be the foundation for your 10-weeks leadership acceleration.


Explore the Leading to Learn Framework and identify the actions you can take as a leader to create a people-centered learning culture. Learn how to navigate Leadership Continuums of knowing when to ask and when to tell, how to challenge and nurture, and how to develop people while achieving business results.


Clarify your top priority and your responsibility as a leader. Define your top organizational goal and the process of how you will personally support your team to achieve it. Discuss what it takes to change organizational culture.


Define the principles and practices that define who you are as a leader and what you value most. Document your 10-point Leadership Credo to share with your team. Discuss the power of mindset.


Develop your personal improvement plan and define your next steps, situating you for ongoing success as you continue to accelerate as an intentional leader. Discuss the importance of learning from failure, the power of perseverance, and the value of reflection being the beginning, not the end, of learning.

The Leading to Learn Accelerator includes:

Group Learning and Coaching Sessions

Five 60-minute interactive group learning & coaching sessions held the second Tuesday of each two week “module” period in October, November and December 2021. Each session focuses on a specific topic, allowing group exploration and discussion around lessons from the book, sharing of personal progress from the week’s learning exercise, and introductory insights to tangible leadership practices. You will have access to two coaching sessions offered at two different times each two-week module period. 

Live coaching sessions will be held on Tuesdays:

*Note – there are multiple time zone changes in the middle of the Accelerator for those outside of the U.S. due to differences in time changes to daylight savings time

Use Time Convert to see coaching times in your time zone: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/meeting.html 

Coaching sessions will be held on the following dates (listed based on Pacific time zone dates). You can choose to join one -- or both! -- session or watch the recordings at your convenience if you are not able to attend.

Self-paced learning modules

Each two week period, you will have access to recordings of new teachings and concepts by Katie Anderson. These “mini-workshops” will complement and augment the reading and workbook activities for the module.

Weekly Accountability and Support Check-ins

You will receive a weekly message  from Katie to support your ongoing progress within the Accelerator, keep you on-track, and allow for additional reflection opportunities. 

A complimentary copy of the Learning to Lead Leading to Learn Workbook

A companion guide to support deeper personal reflection while reading the book. This workbook includes frameworks for reflection and exercises that will be the foundation of each two-week period.

Participation in a community forum

Where you can share ideas, ask questions, post updates, and receive feedback, support, and help 24/7. Even if you miss a learning session, you will have ample opportunity to interact with your learning cohort.

Access Katie Anderson throughout the course

You will be able to submit your questions periodically throughout the course about questions you have from the book. Katie will answer your questions in live sessions as well as in video recordings as supplementary material as you read and reflect on the book. This content will be driven by YOUR questions.

Each week, plan on spending 2-3 hours reading Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn, watching the self-paced learning modules, working through the workbook self-study reflection, and being part of the coaching sessions. You may join live or watch the recording of the five bi-weekly coaching sessions.

Plus, enjoy these additional bonuses FOR FREE when you sign up today:

BONUS: Two live sessions with Mr Yoshino, during the course.

Submit your questions and have Mr Yoshino answer them in two separate live sessions, which will be recorded and available to anyone who isn’t able to attend.

BONUS: Celebration and Final Reflection Live Sessions to be held 1st week in January (dates and times TBC)

BONUS: Optional learning & study group cohorts with other Accelerator participates from all over the world

BONUS: Access to community platform for collaboration and discussion

BONUS: Additional resources and materials to developed your learning:

  • Coaching guides and templates such as 3 Tips to Break the Telling Habit Guide, Personal Improvement Plan template, Daily Intention and Reflection template, Personal Annual Hoshin (Strategy) template, examples of A3 documents from Toyota, and Isao Yoshino’s How to Ask Questions Guide.

  • Videos that supplement the Toyota Way history found in Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn such as the NHK television special on NUMMI that was translated from Japanese to English by Isao Yoshino and other curated documentary videos.

Bonuses alone valued at over $2000+


"Katie helps you see yourself, and know where to grow. She knows how to challenge you to move beyond where you are. She doesn't set your path but she guides you toward identifying and moving forward on your path, and she makes you feel special because her path crosses yours. She doesn't pull you or shove you, but she empowers you to WANT to move. She doesn't offer a quick fix or a guaranteed route to success: she teaches you simple, logical tools that each of us can practice one day at a time to live the life we want to live, no matter what that looks like for any of us. Her stories, wisdom, insight, and expertise are applicable to anyone who believes, "Stagnation isn't for me." Katie has been a transformative power in my life, and working with her will yield WAY more than 60 days of value."

Renee Peggs,
Founder of the Resourceful Peacock, Accelerator Alum
Accelerator Testimonial Renee
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Leading to Learn Accelerator with Katie Anderson Headshot


Intentional leadership is what I live and breathe every day. I am excited to share my knowledge and passion for people-centered leadership and learning organizations with you so that—together—we can make a positive impact on the world.

“I have always been very introspective but learning the tools to reflect more effectively and developing a habit of writing them down really amplified my commitment to improving myself.”
Carolline Day
Carolline Day
Manager, Leading to Learn Accelerator program participant
“As a facilitator you created a highly connected atmosphere...it’s a rare and very important skill for group learning. You created a structure for the group to really learn together and feel for each other in all our learnings.”
Sabrina Malter
Sabrina Malter
Manager, Strategy and Organizational Change, Roche (Germany), Leading to Learn Accelerator program participant
“The structure of the course is very well set out, and flows from one topic of learning to the next. In each of the sessions, there are many action items and moments of enlightenment for your own learning, and Katie asks very good questions and helps you to dive deeper into the questions that you have in your own mind. I now have a leadership credo, which is a baseline for my own leadership.”
Arne Smith
Arne Smith
Manager, Zenitec, New Zealand
"Lean can be very tools oriented but [Katie] brings a lot more of the people side of things: how people interact and how you can get things done with other people. [She] brings a lot of humanity to it. And that’s a great feature."
Steve Watts
Steve Watts
COO, Walters & Wolf, United States, Accelerator Alum

Frequently Asked Questions

The Leading to Learn Accelerator is for  anyone who would like to make their organization or team more effective and innovative. While it’s definitely beneficial for executives, the truth is, leadership exists at all levels of an organization. The skills learned in this program are invaluable for anyone in a people-development position or who interacts with others as part of a team. Past participants have ranged from individual contributors, new managers, continuous improvement practitioners, to business owners and corporate executives.

So if you’re interested in learning how to shift the culture of your organization or team, foster creativity, and get people excited about working with you, it’s for you, no matter what your job title is.

The book is not included due to the fact that it’s available for worldwide shipping. It’s easy to buy in paperback, ebook, or audiobook on Amazon, Audible or iTunes.

No, you do not! You’re welcome to join the Accelerator whether you’ve read and lived by Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn for months or you’re excited to dive in for the first time.

No—while it’d be wonderful to have you with us live in the coaching sessions, life gets busy. That’s why the coaching sessions will be recorded and available for you to watch at your convenience. Based on feedback from past-Accelerator participants, some of the learning material will be pre-recorded for you to watch and learn from at your convenience. The live coaching sessions will focus on reflection, discussion, and some interactive learning experiences.

As an Accelerator participant, you’ll have lifelong access to all the online materials used over the 10 weeks; as well as your complimentary copy of the companion workbook for Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn and the included free bonuses.

Not a problem! The Accelerator is designed as a combination of learning by doing and self-paced learning. You will not need to read all of the book or do all of the reflection exercises in the workbook. Each two-week period we will provide you with guidance on the key areas on which to focus if you have limited time. And if you “fall behind” it is not a problem. The group coaching sessions focus on what you are learning by applying the lessons to your life — no matter where you are in the reading or materials — and for an opportunity for discussion. You have lifetime access to the modules, learning workshops, workbook and other materials to complete at your own pace.

Yes, you can! Proceed to the payment page to choose paying in either one or three installments.

I understand that sometimes plans change, so I will issue a refund up until 48 hours before the start of the Accelerator only. If you are not able to attend any of the coaching sessions live, you will be able to watch the recordings on demand. If you would like to discuss if the Accelerator is right for you before you complete your enrollment, please reach out to discuss: info@kbjanderson.com.

Yes! Accessibility is an important value in my business, so I’m proud to offer Right-Size Pricing. If you are unable to afford this program and are committed to your personal development and being an active participant, contact support@kbjanderson.com to discuss an investment that you can afford. A select number of spaces are available at a “right-sized price” level, meaning you invest what you are able to afford.

Yes — I offer personalized customized Accelerator programs for organizations. In fact, I’m currently leading two custom programs for organizations based in the U.S. and Europe. To talk about how I can tailor this for your team, contact me at info@kbjanderson.com

It’s easy! Just click here to reserve your spot, and you’ll immediately get access to all the course details. Each two week period, you will get access to the mini-workshop recordings, materials that support that module’s learning, and more.