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Keynote speaker and bestselling author Katie Anderson has 25 years of intentional real-world leadership experience impacting hundreds of organizations and thousands of leaders around the globe.

She distills key principles and practices into instantly-applicable actions to adjust behavior and habits in order to align purpose and action. 

That's  people-centered leadership.   how you make an impact.   how you leave a legacy. 

The leaders who make the greatest impact are the ones who cultivate transformation, learning, and discovery in their people….and themselves.

When you lead with intention, you empower your people to learn, grow, develop, and succeed, while your business achieves significant results.

Success doesn’t require you to have all the answers. You don’t tell everyone what to do and how to do it. 

Success requires that you ...

… lead with caring from the heart, with a curious, open mind, and courage to look within.
… believe you, your people, and organization have a bigger and better purpose.
align your actions with your true purpose and passion of supporting people to be their best selves.

Katie’s mission is to help create a culture of continuous learning by inspiring you and your people to:

  • Break the Telling Habit
  • Grow your Chain of Learning
  • Leading to Learn
  • Lead with Purpose: Intention = Heart + Direction
  • Embrace a Respect for Humanity: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Katie crafts her in-person, virtual, and hybrid speaking engagements with your objectives in mind, tailored to resonate with your people and your needs.

Inquire about options to bring these meaningful leadership lessons and insights to your organization, leadership team, or group.


Watch Katie in Action

 Keynote at KataCon 2022

Corporate Leadership Event in the Netherlands 2019

 Keynote at IMPACT 2018 Conference in the Netherlands

Lean Transformation Summit Nashville 2018

Keynote Topics for Your Next Event

Intentional Leadership has Immense Impact

By inviting Katie to keynote your next event, you are amplifying impact – personal impact, team impact and organizational impact – by aligning purpose and action. See how!

Personal Impact

Lead with Intention and Purpose

Personal Impact

Katie’s virtual, hybrid, or in-person engaging experiences inspire leaders to become their best selves and empower their teams to achieve their greatest potential.

Through meaningful reflection and continuous development, intentional leaders start with themselves first — and embrace the ongoing journey of personal development.

You want to become the leader you were meant to be.

You want to become a leader that others want to learn from.

You want to lead with heart, with intention and with purpose.

And you want your people to be able to do the same.

Team Impact

Provide Intentional Support

Team Impact
People-Centered Leadership Practices Intentional leaders are people-centered leaders. They care about the team and create a culture where collaboration is celebrated and mistakes are the foundation for learning. They lead to learn. Empower your team to be effective people-centered leaders and learners by inviting Katie to share her valuable and tangible strategies for nurturing transformation and discovery in people, as they learn, grow, develop and succeed, while the business achieves significant results, too. Intentional leaders already know the ‘what’ that guides their intention:

To leave a legacy and inspire your team to do the same.

That 1 + 1 = much more than 2, and that intentional leadership is the way to make that happen.

The impact of learning from mistakes, and that you want your team to see mistakes as opportunities for innovation.

Katie’s unique stories and experience show them how.

Organizational Impact

Set Direction and Amplify Impact

Organizational Impact

Katie has inspired thousands of leaders and worked directly with hundreds of organizations around the globe to create people-centered learning cultures, achieve business results, and cultivate innovation and continuous improvement. 

Throughout her career, Katie has held roles in academia, consulting, healthcare operations, and process improvement, and has deep expertise in leading and coaching change across diverse industries. She is a business owner, entrepreneur, and executive and knows what it is like firsthand to lead a team toward impact.  

It was during her time living in Japan and her connection with 40-year Toyota leader Isao Yoshino that led to the development of her one-of-a-kind award-winning leadership book, Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn: Lessons from Toyota Leader Isao Yoshino on a Lifetime of Continuous Learning.

The messages found within her book paired with her personal experience with intentional leaders empower Katie’s keynote speeches to leave your group inspired to lead with intention and motivated to reach their full potential. 

Invite her to engage with your group in this meaningful and unforgettable way.

Connect with Katie about how you can work together to bring these impactful leadership lessons and insights to your organization, leadership team or group.

What event organizers and clients have to say about engaging Katie Anderson as a speaker:

In-Person, Hybrid, and Virtual Keynotes
"Katie Anderson has always stood out for the clarity of her message and the skilled way in which she communicates it. I've seen her connect meaningfully with the audience whether during a large-conference keynote, hands-on workshop, or even an online presentation. When meetings went virtual in 2020, Katie impressed me with her ability to convey warmth and connection with the audience. That's not easy and I saw that quality in only a select few. I highly recommend Katie Anderson for any organization or conference that seeks depth of experience with an engaging delivery -- either in person or virtually -- that engages the audience."
Dwayne A Butcher
Dwayne Butcher
Vice President, Lean Frontiers, Inc.
“I engaged Katie to present the keynote presentation at the 2021 AME Conference Problem Solving for Excellence. Katie’s expertise was a perfect fit for the event and she did not disappoint. Her session was fantastic, incredibly thought provoking and extremely well received by the audience. Her experience is relatable and her delivery is engaging and inspiring. Katie is a passionate speaker and a pleasure to work. We look forward to working with her again. I would highly recommend Katie as a speaker for any event or conference.
Laura Robertson
National Manager at AME Australia
Katie is always a spirited and energetic keynote presenter. This comes from her practice as a leadership coach and her personal and deep learning by being mentored by one of the great Toyota leaders, Mr. Isao Yoshino. Katie shares her lessons with great passion whenever she presents and engages audiences both in person and online. I highly recommend Katie Anderson to any organization seeking an engaging keynote speaker who will deliver an impactful message for their audience.
Jim Huntzinger
President Lean Frontiers
“We love partnering with Katie Anderson. Her area of expertise is relevant to our mission of growing skills and capabilities among our consortia members. Katie's approach and style of delivery is relatable and personable. Her stories and engaging activities help create a deep connection with the learning. Whether in person or virtually, Katie quickly connects with people and sparks learning moments. Katie has so much to offer and is so enjoyable to work with, we keep coming back for more!
Jennifer Ayers
Jennifery Ayers
Executive Director, NWHPEC (Northwest High Performance Enterprise Consortium)
Leadership Retreats and Custom Talks
Katie spoke at our Leadership Summit and delivered an enthusiastic message that sparked our curiosity and grounded our teams in leading with purpose and intention. If you are seeking the next step on your journey of leadership transformation, Katie will help you achieve clarity to deliver business results while developing your team at the same time.
Melissa Tassie
Director of Leadership and Development at NetJets
Katie is an engaging, practical, insightful speaker who is able to take the complex and break it down into simple concepts. She led a seminar for my team on Lean concepts and problem solving at our annual retreat for about 50 managers, and I couldn't have been more happy with the outcome.”
Justin-Fuches Headshot
Justin Fuches
President, LEARN
“Katie crafted a custom presentation for our Lam Research Women in Global Operations employee group. Her material on coaching and leadership using Lean principles was just the right message at the right time. Her personal and professional growth message really resonated with our audience. Her delivery was friendly and amusing, but still focused on the key messages. The time she spent in answering specific questions by using her own coaching techniques in practice was a highlight as well! We are bringing her back for another encore presentation - and look forward to working with her again in the future."
Amber Barber
Amber Barber
Director, Women in Global Operations Leader, LAM Research
“Over the past few years Katie Anderson has provided several outstanding leadership trainings and talks to our management team -- both in person and remotely. She’s a skilled presenter, one who has mastered the art of creating an engaging, personalized presentation. I particularly appreciate how Katie encourages leaders to take a scientific approach to problem solving, to ask more questions and to understand the root cause of a challenge before diving into a potential solution. Katie’s expert guidance has helped our team to solve a host of problems by giving our leaders the framework to consider their goals, gaps to achieving those targets, and the path to exploring creative solutions.
Melissa Willa
Melissa Willa
Co-Founder & Chief Clinical Officer at KyoCo-Founder & Chief Clinical Officer at Kyo

Collaborate with Katie to meet the needs of your organization and your team. From delivering custom learning experiences such as keynote addresses to online interactive workshops, to facilitating rich discussion and learning moments, to empowering your leaders with companion learning tools and actionable frameworks and practices, Katie looks forward to helping you achieve your goals.

Invite Katie to inspire, energize and educate your team to lead with intention!

Katie offers a range of speaking options, from keynotes to workshops to facilitated leadership retreats. Each speaking engagement is uniquely crafted with your needs in mind. 

How else can Katie support you?

Deepen Your Learning Experience with Customized Value Add-Ons

When collaborating with Katie Anderson, consider additional ways to bring learning to life for your group.


Provide your team with a unique professional development opportunity by gifting each of them a copy of her books.

Show your team the importance of leading with intention by providing them with a custom branded edition of Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn that could include your organization’s logo and a personalized letter.

Add the companion Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn Workbook to augment the learning experience for your people.

Inquire about bulk discounts, custom editions, and signed copies.


Continued Learning

Katie also offers continued learning opportunities to teach the “hows” of intentional leadership. 

Invite Katie to empower your leaders through additional customized learning opportunities such as one-on-one or group coaching, follow-up workshops, or a customized version of her signature learning program – Work With Katie

Immersion Learning in Japan

Take the learning outside of a conference room and into the birthplace of Toyota’s continuous improvement, learning culture.

Invite your leaders to take part in Katie’s popular week-long Japan Study Trip (where the learning happens on the ground, in the “gemba”) for an immersive cultural and leadership learning experience.

Schedule a time to connect and discuss how Katie can help you, your team, and your organization amplify your impact!

Katie Anderson has inspired leaders at hundreds of organizations including:

Keynote Speaker Katie Anderson in Printing United Alliance
Keynote Speaker Katie Anderson in Lean Enterprise Australia
Keynote Speaker Katie Anderson in The Ohio State University - Fisher College of Business
Keynote Speaker Katie Anderson in Lean Frontiers - KataCon
Keynote Speaker Katie Anderson in Lean Frontiers - Lean Coaching Summit
Keynote Speaker Katie Anderson in EIFFEL
Keynote Speaker Katie Anderson in Catalyst
Keynote Speaker Katie Anderson in Catalysis European Summit
Keynote Speaker Katie Anderson in Shannon Chamber
Keynote Speaker Katie Anderson in NetJets
Keynote Speaker Katie Anderson in AME Australia
Keynote Speaker Katie Anderson in Roche
Keynote Speaker Katie Anderson in Genentech
Keynote Speaker Katie Anderson in Facebook
Keynote Speaker Katie Anderson in hpec
Keynote Speaker Katie Anderson in LAM Research
Keynote Speaker Katie Anderson in Syngenta
Keynote Speaker Katie Anderson in KYO
Keynote Speaker Katie Anderson in Learn Behavioral
Keynote Speaker Katie Anderson in Toyota
Keynote Speaker Katie Anderson in Coherent

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