Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn

“This book will transform and deepen your thinking of what people-centered leading and learning means.”


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Learning to Lead Leading to Learn Book

Award-winning International #1 Bestseller

#1 Bestseller

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#1 Bestseller

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#1 Bestseller

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Learn to Lead & Lead to Learn

#1 Bestseller in Organizational Learning Organizational Change Business Management Science International Business Management Business Quality Control International Business (UK) Automotive (UK)

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Learning to Lead Leading to Learn book in paperback, audiobook and kindle


When you dive into Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn, you will: 

  • Experience how Isao Yoshino, a 40-year Toyota leader, and his organization strengthened a Chain of Learning and embodied the Toyota Way pillars of respect for people and continuous improvement
  • Learn how one person grew into an impactful leader – and be inspired to do the same
  • Uncover how to invest in people first and cultivate an attitude that embraces learning – even in the midst of mistakes and failures
  • Discover the history and real stories that led to the development of the Toyota Way
  • Be positioned to achieve success through setting seemingly impossible goals, focusing on process, and learning from failure (… and immediately apply these valuable insights to your leadership efforts and within the teams you lead)

Katie Anderson learned first-hand that reflection is where the real power is found.

Reflection isn’t the end of learning; it’s just the beginning. It is where wisdom is created.

While writing this book, Katie had the privilege of supporting and encouraging 40-year Toyota leader Isao Yoshino’s reflection of his personal and professional life, in a way that he had never done before. 

Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn synthesizes the lessons that Mr. Yoshino shares, encapsulating the legacy that an intentional leader can create and it inspires readers to embark on their own journey of reflection.

This is how you live and lead with intention. 

This is  how you make an impact that is aligned with your heart and your purpose.

This is how you make an impact that amplifies your actions by creating capability, confidence, clarity, and creativity – in your team and for your organization – leading to a people-centered culture of learning.

Katie Anderson Speaker

Five star reviews on Amazon from over 200 readers

Tony Health
Tony Health
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A few rich hours with two good people

Every chapter of this warm and rich book concludes with a list of reflection questions called Practicing Hansei. I found these helpful in anchoring the content of the section. As others have said, this is a book for everyone. I read it with substantial pleasure. I bet you will, too.
Gemma Jones
Gemma Jones
Read More

This is a tremendous book which, I have no doubt, will be seen as a classic in this field. There are so many powerful lessons and useful nuggets of information - relevant to anyone interested in learning how to lead. I know I will be referring back to this book a great deal.
Graham Canning
Graham Canning
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A Tapestry of Riches!

Nothing short of wonderful…I know I'm going to refer to it often in months and years to come. Katie has captured so much in this book that's of value to 21st Century Leaders: how to lead with wisdom and a love for humanity.
Melissa Willa
Melissa Willa
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A must read for any manager seeking to improve their leadership skills. This book is jam-packed with practical advice for leaders who are seeking to elevate their impact.
Harvey Leach
Harvey Leach
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A refreshing different approach to the keys to Toyota's success

Reading Isao Yoshino's reflections, beautifully captured by Katie, will probably be the closest I get to "working at Toyota in Japan".

This book will be a valuable addition to any developing leader's library.
Isaac B. Mitchell
Isaac B. Mitchell
Read More
Katie Anderson, introduces us to the “fabric concept” which will help leaders from any background and industry.... This book has reestablished my focus and helped me reflect on my purpose and how to learn from and lead others.
Ann Hill
Ann Hill
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Essential Leadership Reading

If you have an interest in leadership, this is for you. This book is a reflection on the development of leadership skill and the true meaning of respect for people. There are so many opportunities to reflect at the end of each chapter. I’ll be posing these questions in many individual and organisational development sessions!
Michael Balle
Michael Balle
Read More
Yoshino's unique insight is that you can't actually teach adults, but you can make them experience a learning situation so that they get it for themselves. The book has all these lovely examples illustrating that point over and over, and is an absolutely necessary resource to understand how to organize learning (and teaching) in practice. Don't miss this book, it will make you think like no other.
Siobhain Danaher
Siobhain Danaher
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If you are in business/leadership of any kind this book will transform & deepen your thinking of what people centric leading & learning means. There are 8 excellent lessons that not only highlight intentional, people centric leadership but also highlight the Lean tools and practices that support this type of leadership. I loved everything about this book and it is taking a place on my ‘must read & study again’ list.
James Stewart
James Stewart
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A must read for any Leader.

What an amazing book.

I believe the best book I have read that gets to the heart of Toyota's way ...

The storytelling is incredible!

Dr. Charissa Lee
Dr. Charissa Lee
Read More
As a new senior leader, I appreciated how easy this book was to read, yet how meaningful the concepts are to lift and apply to my organization. Isao Yoshino has so many great reflections that Katie Anderson has been able to capture in a cohesive and applicable manner. I highly recommend this book to all current and future leaders!

The Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn Workbook

Don’t let the lessons stay on the page! Augment your learning experience and bring the book’s messages into your leadership journey.

The Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn Workbook offers additional insights, lessons, principles, and practices so that you can truly lead with intention, purpose, and impact.

Packed with extended materials that supplement the book, reader’s and clients consider it one of Katie’s most valuable tools available.

Available in both print and digital versions.

“Indispensable for anyone looking for guidance on how to elevate their leadership competencies. No matter what level within an organization you find yourself this workbook provides logical, step-by-step, direction on building a personalized roadmap for long-term success.” – Stewart Bellamy

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The only secret to Toyota is its attitude towards learning. –- Isao Yoshino

Meet Katie Anderson and Isao Yoshino

Internationally recognized leadership coach, consultant, and keynote speaker,  Katie Anderson believes impact and learning – and she’s constantly seeking out ways to amplify it. 

During an immersive experience living in Japan for 18-months, she had the pleasure of learning alongside Isao Yoshino, a 40-year Toyota Motor Corporation leader. As she actively sought out to learn from him, asked questions and listened to how he led through challenges and inspired team after team, she realized that others deserved the opportunity to harness the insights she garnered for their own leadership experience. 

Through their partnership, and Katie’s caring questioning and reframing, Mr. Yoshino he was learning too, reflecting and learning from his experiences from a new perspective. 

KatieAnderson With the book - Learning to Lead Leading to Learn

In Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn: Lessons from Toyota Leader Isao Yoshino on a Lifetime of Continuous Learning, Katie weaves together Mr. Yoshino’s heartwarming and deeply reflective stories of personal discovery and organizational history, and offers her own unique perspective on them, with the intention of helping you learn to lead and lead to learn.

Isao Yoshino’s stories help us understand how Toyota intentionally developed the culture of excellence for which it is renowned today, and how one person learned to lead so that he could lead to learn. 

Expect to be inspired by the power of one, and how you can embrace a culture of learning, of leading, and of excellence in your own organization and team.

“The only secret to Toyota is its attitude towards learning. We don’t even notice and take it for granted.”

Isao Yoshino

Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn is for …

Established and Emerging Leaders, Managers, and Senior Executives

Leaders at all levels, striving to achieve important goals and create a meaningful legacy, who know that a focus on people, an attitude towards learning, and a commitment to leading with caring and curiosity is the secret to success.

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Anyone who would like to make a positive impact in the world, help their business or team be more effective and innovative, and are willing to develop themselves as well.

Leadership Coaches / Continuous Improvement Leaders / Organizational Learning and Development Specialists

Individuals responsible for leading culture change, continuous improvement, and leadership development in their organizations, particularly those interested in learning how to shift the culture of their organization or team, foster creativity and confidence, and get people excited about working with them, while gaining invaluable insights about their personal purpose.

MBA and Undergraduate Students

Students of business and leadership seeking to understand how to build a business, lead a team to success, innovate, develop a people-centered culture, and create a meaningful and lasting legacy.

Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn is leadership textbook used at some of the world’s top universities including the Ohio State University Fisher School of Business, University of Virgina Darden School of Business, HEC School of Business Montreal (Canada), HAN University of Applied Science (Netherlands), and more!

Aspiring Leaders and Independent Contributors

People at all levels of an organization who have a desire to lead – through influence or through a formal title.

The skills learned in this book are invaluable for anyone in a people-development position or who interacts with others as part of a team, seeking ongoing career growth.

History and Automobile Buffs

People at all levels of an organization who have a desire to lead – through influence or through a formal title.

Motor vehicle and history enthusiasts looking for the real, behind-the-scenes of Toyota’s evolution starting with being awarded the Deming Award in the mid-1960s to its entry into global manufacturing with the famed NUMMI, Inc. joint-venture with General Motors, to the publication of the Toyota Way 2001 … up until today.

Life-Long Learners … And Anyone!

Individuals seeking to be inspired through heartwarming stories and empowered through reflection on their own lives. Understand how to be a better person – and eventually a better leader – by setting direction, supporting your people while they pursue a challenge, and developing your own capabilities, with patience and humanity.


You’re a learner. A leader. A coach. A team member. A human being. And you want one thing …

To create a meaningful impact.

How can you do that?

The answer may surprise you. Knowing everything isn’t a requirement. 

Instead, when you embrace…

Caring, which requires you to lead from the heart, not merely check on process or progress.

Curiosity, knowing you don’t have all the answers, but you have an open mind to  ongoing learning…

And Courage, which requires you to embrace humility, knowing that it’s okay to fail as mistakes are the source of rich learning…

…that’s when you grow in others and in your organization:

Capability in their skills and abilities so that they can move forward towards their goals

Confidence in yourself and knowing that you can take action, even in difficult times

Clarity on what the real problems, goals and purpose are, and getting focused

Creativity on how you can solve those problems with innovation that drives continuous improvement

Bonus: Going Beyond the Book

Engage Katie Anderson to meet the needs of your organization and your team. Let this be the beginning of your continuous learning journey.

Speaking Engagements

Katie’s signature talks and keynote addresses are catalysts for change in people’s behavior, leadership practices, and organizations.

She uniquely crafts her in-person, virtual, and hybrid speaking engagements with your objectives in mind, tailored to resonate with your team and your needs.

Custom Learning Experiences

Empower yourself and  your team with the principles and practices to be effective people-centered leaders. 

Become part of Katie’s Chain of Learning and join a global movement of humanity. Gain the clarity, the confidence, and the courage you need to elevate your leadership, your team, and your organization.

The Leading to Learn Accelerator

Part book study, part facilitated course, part group coaching… take the lessons off the page and into your life. 

Become a more intentional, people-centered leader who grows their people (and themself), makes an impact in their organization, and builds a meaningful legacy.