Are you aligning your actions with the impact you want to make?


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Are you aligning your actions with the leader you want to be?


Through this highly tangible work, you will...

  • Discover your own answers, and start on the path to effective, exceptional, intentional leadership.
  • Become the leader you know you can be and that your team needs.
  • Create a culture of learning, supported by the right systems, structures, and strategies.
  • Unite process and practice with purpose so that you can have a real impact in your work, in your life, and in the world.
  • Connect your head and your heart so you can develop not only your own leadership skills, but those of the people around you.

Above all, you’ll discover the value of a lifetime commitment to continuous learning.

Learn your way to great leadership

I know you aren’t here solely to create success for yourself.

You want collective success, and you want to lead your team to accomplish great things together. And that starts with you.

What you might not be confident of is how to get there.

The truth is….everyone should take initiative, all the time, at all levels

Because leadership is not a title.

It’s a way of being.


How often do you find yourself using the word BUT or framing a situation as an EITHER / OR scenario? 

When you think of yourself in a leadership role, how often does it feel like you have to make tradeoffs between two things?

While it may often seem like you are faced with EITHER / OR scenarios, I believe we can achieve more when we consider the power of AND. 

Imagine what our world could be like if we had more AND?

What possibilities might we create?

What more might we value?

I challenge you too to pay attention to how often you use the word BUT, and to experiment with replacing it with AND!

You can lead with strategy AND lead with heart. It’s your time to master…

I’m dedicated to helping leaders and continuous improvement practitioners like you discover your purpose, elevate your skills and your performance, and give you the practices you need to achieve results, develop your team, and create positive impact.

This is the Chain of Learning we create and strengthen together

Work With Me

Intentional leadership: it starts with you.

When we work together, you’ll learn how to lead with intention, how to connect your purpose, process, and practice to transform how you, your team, and your organization works.

So, let’s make that happen.

Custom Learning

Available in-person or online, you’ll have access to a customized and personalized processes, created for your specific needs and challenges for your team and organization. Our approach is grounded in the fundamentals of science, human dynamics, and adult learning, giving you the clarity, the confidence, and the courage you need to elevate your leadership, your team, and your organization.

I’ll create a custom virtual, hybrid, or in-person program to suit your specific organizational needs.

Our custom consulting work together could include:

Custom Engagements with Global Leadership Teams

"Katie’s expert guidance has helped our team to solve a host of problems by giving our leaders the framework to consider their goals, gaps to achieving those targets, and the path to exploring creative solutions."
Melissa Willa
Melissa Willa, Co-Founder & Chief Clinical Officer
"Katie is an engaging, practical, insightful speaker who is able to take the complex and break it down into simple concepts. She led a seminar for my team on Lean concepts and problem solving at our annual retreat for about 50 managers, and I couldn't have been more happy with the outcome"
Justin-Fuches Headshot
Justin Funches, President
LEARN Behavioral

Online Courses

Explore my on-line programs and courses for a wide variety of learning experiences offered both live and as self-paced options  that’ll help you become more innovative, strategic, and effective in your leadership or coaching role.

Explore my on-line programs and courses for a wide variety of learning experience options offered both live and as self-paced experiences that’ll help you become more innovative, strategic, and effective in your leadership or coaching role.
Learn more about the next 60-Day Leading to Learn Accelerator.

Topics for self-paced learning courses include asking effective questions, strategy deployment, and other leadership, coaching, and problem-solving skills.

With self-paced learning options, you’ll master the art of:

“During the 60 days of the Leading to Learn Accelerator program, I had multiple breakthroughs!"
Carolline Day
Carolline Day
“I personally have grown immensely in knowledge and understanding through the teachings of Katie.”
Lorne Andersen Operational Excellence Manager
Hirt & Carter


You want your people to be inspired. Energized. Educated.

So do I.

I offer a range of keynotes, talks and speaking options, delivered in person or virtually for organizations, associations, conferences, and media sources. 

Whether you need a facilitated learning experience, an interactive session, an engaging mini-keynote or a multi-hour talk, I will happily customize my speaking engagements for your specific audience and needs.

Examples of past speaking engagements include:

Popular Keynote Topics Include:

Break the Telling Habit: Stop Telling, Start Asking, and Solve More Problems

Strengthen Your Chain of Learning: Building a Learning Culture Starts with You

Intention = Heart + Direction: Align Purpose and Process to Amplify Your Impact

Leading to Learn: A Leader's Role in Creating a People-Centered Learning Culture

Inspire your audience to lead with intention.

"I highly recommend Katie Anderson for any organization or conference that seeks depth of experience with an engaging delivery -- either in person or virtually -- that engages the audience."
Dwayne A Butcher
Dwayne Butcher, Vice President
Lean Frontiers, Inc.
"Her experience is relatable and her delivery is engaging and inspiring. Katie is a passionate speaker and a pleasure to work. I would highly recommend Katie as a speaker for any event or conference."
Laura Robertson, National Manager
AME Australia


Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn: Lessons from Toyota Leader Isao Yoshino on a Lifetime of Continuous Learning

This internationally bestselling book was born from years of collaboration with Mr. Yoshino, and weaves together personal stories, insights, and reflections that’ll help you understand how Toyota intentionally created its world-famous culture of excellence.

Unleash the power of reflection as a source of learning and discover what it means to learn, to lead, and to care.
Now available in paperback, e-book and audiobook.

Bulk and custom orders available upon request

Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn WORKBOOK

This downloadable companion workbook provides you with a structured way to explore the topics you encountered in Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn and will help you cement your knowledge of people-centered leadership through deep reflection and practice.
Bulk and custom orders available upon request

Bulk and custom orders available upon request

Japan Study Trip

Where better to learn about intentional leadership and operational excellence than Japan, home to organizations that have been practicing the kaizen philosophy for decades.

Learn from passionate Japanese leaders as they talk about how they have developed cultures of respect and improvement in their organizations and as they share the secrets of lean leadership, customer service, and continuous improvement.

You can join leaders from around the world on my next executive Japan Study Trip or, if you’d like a more tailored experience, you can request a customized trip, designed around your organization’s interests and learning plan.

"Katie did an amazing job creating a wonderful Japan Study Trip experience. Her connections and knowledge about Japan are invaluable.'
Tracy O’Rourke, Managing Partner
“Be prepared for a deep-thinking experience, that will challenge what you think you know about lean thinking.”
Shawn Carner
Shawn Carner, Head of Operational Excellence
Vacaville, Genentech/Roche

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