Enough Already Podcast: How to Use Your Love for Learning to Take Bigger Risks with Betsy Jordyn

Enough Already Podcast: How to Use Your Love for Learning to Take Bigger Risks with Betsy Jordyn

How do you start creating learning organizations and leaders who are learners?

If you’re a consultant or coach who works with organizations, how can you consider these best practices as part of your consulting and coaching?

In March 2022, I invested in my own learning and development by attending a retreat hosted by Speaking Your Brand and Carol Cox.

I met the most wonderful, impactful, and insightful women there…while also stepping forward in my own storytelling and impact.

One of the fabulous people I met was Betsy Jordyn – we are kindred spirits in terms of experience in leading organizational culture, strategy, and leadership.

We connected so much that Betsy invited me to be on her podcast, Enough Already.

Exponential Success: The Connection Between Learning and Having a Learning Mindset

How to use your love for learning to take bigger risk with Katie Anderson - Enough already with Betsy JordynSince I met Betsy, I’ve been binge listening to her episodes present….and past. I love the Enough Already podcast and Betsy’s insights into how to make an impact in the world by doing what we’re good at!

In our episode, we explore the connection between learning and having a learning mindset that drives exponential success.

I share my experience of starting my consulting business, moving to Japan, and forging a deep connection with long-term Toyota executive Isao Yoshino. 

We go deep into the power of having a learning mindset and how it creates the conditions for excellence, risk-taking, and so much more. 

We also talked about our shared experiences as internal consultants, leaping into business ownership, and how to stay resilient and focused when scaling to new heights.

 In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Why entrepreneurs constantly need to step outside of their comfort zone to start or scale their business and how it creates fears and imposter syndrome
  • My strategy for development professionals who love to learn 
  • How you can use your learning superpower to quell fears quickly when you are taking bigger risks with your business
  • I bet that learning is one of your superpowers! 

So listen in!

Where to dive in:

[3:55] Hear how I started my consulting career

[10:18] How my abilities leading from influence without a formal place on the org chart helped me begin my external consultancy

[13:30] Where my learning superpower comes from

[19:56] Hear what I would say to anyone starting a business and falling into the “I should already know this” myth

[25:50] I share the heart behind “Learning to Lead, Leading To Learn” and the attributes of a learning and excellence organizational culture

[32:10] Hear why unlearning is part of a learning culture and the reasons cultures stop learning

[34:02] What I have to say to people who find it challenging to apply a culture of learning to their entrepreneurship and what to do in the face of failure

[37:54] The difference between intentions and goals and why the difference matters

[39:57] Hear what’s next for me and my intentions

[43:11] Why getting just 1% better is enough. Hear Betsy’s personal story about working on her signature speech and the learning process

[45:50] What I would tell my younger self, who was deciding whether or not I should go out on my own

Learning to Lead Leading to Learn BookLearning to Lead, Leading to Learn

Read about the heart behind the bestselling book Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn and the attributes of a learning and excellence organizational culture. Available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook.

Click here to learn more and for links to purchase the book in your region.

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