Lean Post Article – “Summit Reflections: Knowing What You Need to Improve”

My latest article for the Lean Post titled Summit Reflections: Knowing What You Need to Improve” was just published!

In it, I reflect some questions that came to mind during the Lean Coaching Summit based on this year’s theme of “preparation”:

“What do we NEED to improve in our own behavior to create an organization filled with problem solvers?”


How do we prepare ourselves as leaders and coaches to be better prepared to develop others?

Visit the Lean Post article to find about what I learned at the Summit and how I think about answering these questions.

As the blurb on the Lean Post says:

Lean Post Coaching Summit 2016 blub

I’d love to hear your comments!

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If you missed the Lean Coaching Summit, click here to receive a free copy of A3 coaching guide that I shared in my breakout session.

I also have written about broader take-aways from this year’s Summit in my blog post “Lean Coaching Summit 2016: Notes and Reflections

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