Gemba Academy Podcast: How to Leverage Different Lean Experiences

Gemba Academy just published a podcast that I recorded with Ron Pereira at the AME Conference in San Diego a month ago.

Ron and I recorded our first podcast together in July last year, and it was great to get a chance to talk with each other once again. This time was even more fun, as it was recorded in person! Ron and I are both pretty energetic people – and we built upon each others’ energy. I had a big smile on my face the entire time.

I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did.

You can link directly to the podcast here.

In the Gemba Academy podcast we covered such topics as:

  • One of my favorite quotes that I repeat to myself almost daily (and is linked to “Getting out of the Habit of Telling” – which I talked about in this 10-minute “Lean Talk”) – this is actually the same quote that I shared in the first podcast recorded with Gemba Academy!
  • A bit about my background and what I’ve been working on lately
  • Stories I’ve learned from Mr. Isao Yoshino during our interviews for the leadership book we are writing together – including one particularly powerful story about learning about the culture of respect and what being a leader at Toyota is all about
  • Where my passion for developing people comes from
  • About the AME Consortia program – especially the San Francisco Bay Area Consortium that I have the honor of facilitating. Ron is actually coming out to the Bay Area in December to lead a Toyota Kata learning program for members – I’m looking forward to hosting him!
  • My next Japan Lean Study trip in May 2019 – with a special focus on people and culture, including time with Isao Yoshino and other Japanese leaders (come join us – there is a special discount for Gemba Academy podcast listeners – check out the link provided in the podcast)
  • Some tips for those at the beginning of their lean journeys as well as more seasoned practitioners – (hint, it’s all about getting a little bit better each day and focusing on the principles!)

Get some special resources such as the Personal Improvement Coaching Guide and tips from Isao Yoshino on a key leadership skill – asking more effective principles on a special link I’ve created for Gemba Academy podcast listeners!

What do you think?

What comments or questions do you have? Feel free to leave them in the comments section below. I always respond!

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