Gemba Academy Podcast: K2C2 Coaching Communities

A few weeks ago Karyn Ross and I sat down – virtually – with Ron Pereira of Gemba Academy to talk about how to build a on-line community of practice – and our own community that we call “K2C2” Katie and Karyn’s Coaching Communities!

This was the third podcast that I’ve recorded for Gemba Academy. It is always fun and energizing to talk with Ron, and even more so this time to be with my friend and collaborator Karyn.

We recorded the podcast immediately following the last on-line session with our first K2C2 cohort and were excited to share our experiences!

We hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did recording it. And we would LOVE for you to be part of our K2C2 Community.

You can link directly to the podcast on the Gemba Academy website, or you can go to my Media page to see this and other podcasts, videos, and webinars.

Plus you can read my interview with Karyn from a few months ago about her book.

In the podcast we cover topics such as

  • The quote that inspires us: 1+1 = much more than 2!
  • How communities of practice manifested in the past and how K2C2 is different
  • About K2C2 specifically  (see more information below)
  • What they’ve learned and the best practices we have found for creating online communities
  • The difference between online communities and in-person consortium like the AME San Francisco Bay Area Consortium that I facilitate
  • What has surprised us and what we have learned from each other from the experience
  • And more!

Our next cohort starts September 5th (register here) and we intend to continue to offer them into the future. Sign up for my newsletter to be informed of when future cohorts are launching. See below for more information about K2C2!

About K2C2: “Katie & Karyn’s Coaching Communities”

As you’ll learn more in the podcast, Karyn and I were inspired to start the K2C2 communities when I was at her house for a two-day visit and collaborative working session. We both share a passion for helping people and creating relationships around the world.

We are creating connected, online communities with the purpose to help each other practice, learn and grow so that we can all become better coaches and leaders!

K2C2 is a Community of Practice Created Just for YOU!

Words our first cohort members – who joined from Europe, Canada, and around the U.S. –  used to describe their experience in include: purpose, intention, reflection, love, community, courage, growth, inspiring!

If you’re interested in creating a cooperative, collaborate learning community, K2C2 is the place for you! There’s no application or selection process, and we believe in a “right sized pricing” model. Everyone is welcome.

K2C2 is an interactive online Community of Practice where:

  • You will get real-world, practical advice and coaching from Katie and Karyn based on their experience coaching and teaching around the world!
  • You will actively share your experiences with other community members throughout each session.
  • You will create specific action items to practice between sessions
  • You develop community through WhatsApp communication between sessions to ask questions and provide support to each other.

Topics for discussion, learning, and practice include:

  • Session 1: Connecting purpose and intention
  • Session 2: Asking the right questions
  • Session 3: Why short, frequent coaching sessions are better
  • Session 4: Becoming a better coach means becoming a better listener
  • Session 5: How to see what people are thinking
  • Session 6: Improving your check-adjust process and shared reflections

Each fully interactive community coaching session will:

  • Help people develop better habits for setting intentions, reflecting, learning and coaching others
  • Share actionable, useful practices to support real-world application and coaching success
  • Create real, human connections to foster collaboration, cooperation and community around the world

It is a fully interactive session full of discussion, questions, and practice.

We use Zoom for our coaching calls and each session is recorded and posted in a Google Document summary of the session. We also set up a WhatsApp group for the cohort to exchange ideas, questions, and support.

We look forward to being part of our next K2C2 community!

I can’t wait to hear about YOUR purpose and help you lead and live with greater intention! Here is mine.

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