Keynote: How To Be A Lean Leader Who Inspires and Influences People In Their Continuous Improvement Journey

In mid-2022, I was invited by the Brazilian business school Grupo Voitto to give a virtual keynote at their annual international leadership conference, the QP Summit 2022, to speak about leadership, learning, and my book Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn.

Previously, in 2021, I participated in Voitto’s webseries “Culture of Excellence” with an interview by my good friend Karyn Ross (you can see our interview about how to lead with purpose here) and their audience wanted to learn more!

This was the 7th edition of the QP Summit, attended by more than 15,000 attendees, and the theme was “Habilidades para Liderar” (Leadership Skills) – so of course I was more than happy to participate!

Additionally, I was especially interested in participating because Voitto was intentionally inviting only female speakers for the 2022 event to help amplify female voices and empower women in Brazil.

The topic of my QP Summit 2022 international keynote was “How To Be A Lean Leader Who Inspires And Influences People In Their Continuous Improvement Journey”.

Below you can watch the full virtual keynote and bonus questions submitted by students on lean leadership challenges.

Outline of the Keynote:

(2:08) The importance of your purpose as a leader and developing people

(6:09) What are the roles of a leader in an organization

(7:32) How to set direction, goals, targets

(9:20) How to create conditions for learning

(16:25) The importance of developing yourself as a leader

(17:20) The true meaning of “Kaizen” or Continuous Improvement

(18:30) How intention underlies everything we do

Questions from the Audience:

(22:16) What are your tips for female leaders who want to reach higher positions within organizations?

(22:35) Katie’s response

Key points: Find advocates, make connections, and don’t be afraid of being an ambitious woman with aspirations.

(22:17) What are the best tools to guide a journey of continuous improvement in order to minimize the impact of constant changes in the business?

(25:25) Katie’s response

Key points: Stay focused on the direction and stay in alignment with your goals. Change is inevitable, but if you can focus on how you adjust to those changes, that is what is most important.

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