Looking Back: Top 10 Posts from 2018

I cannot believe that we just passed the four year anniversary of when I moved to Japan for 18 months and started writing this blog.

Both the blog and website has evolved over the years, including a major refresh in 2018 that resulted in a new look and feel of the site and expanded sections beyond my blog (Japan Study Trip, About, Media, Events, etc.). I learned a lot about web development and design through the process!

Thank you for being part of my learning community. I enjoy using this platform to connect with people around the world, to reflect and synthesize my thinking, and to exchange ideas.

So happy to have put together and led a great learning experience in Japan in May 2018. I’m going back to Japan in February to put the finishing touches on the next Japan Lean Study Trip.

Popular themes for 2018

Looking at the data from your most viewed posts in 2018, the most popular posts are a combination of new posts and popular posts from the past four years (which at this point must rank high in specific search terms).

Of all the posts viewed in 2018, your most viewed topics of interest span a broad range, but focused on:

  • Japan experiences and insights from living in and leading study trips (next Japan Study Trip is scheduled for May 2019 – come join me! You can learn why I’m so excited about this Japan study tour – and its focus on people – in a post that I wrote a few months ago.
  • Leadership reflections including those from conversations with Mr. Isao Yoshino and interviews with leading Lean thinking authors
  • Practical tips for coaching and problem solving

Join me and Isao Yoshino in Japan in May 2019, and you could be like Dr. Javier Mercado, enjoying a meal and talking with Mr. Yoshino over lunch during the Japan Lean Study Trip 2018.

What topics interest you the most for the future?

As I continue to write in 2019, I want to know what topics are of most interest to you.

In the coming months, I am going to Japan in February to finalize the planning for the May 2019 Japan Study Trip (registration still open), have lined up more author interviews and book giveaways, and will be using this space to reflect on leadership topics as I work on writing a book in collaboration with Isao Yoshino.

Let me know what you think! Please share your feedback of what interests you the most in the comments section below.

What were top 10 posts from 2018 by Katie Anderson?

Here are your most read posts published in 2018. Data range is from January 1 – December 31, 2018 from Google Analytics. Which ones resonated with you the most?

1. Toyota Leadership Lessons: Part 10 – Practice Personal Hoshin Kanri or Goal Setting (2064 views) – published in January 2018

2.Only in Japan! – 3 stories of Japanese “omotenashi”, service and respect in 1 day (1776 views) – published February 2018

3. How to Ask Effective Questions -(1607 views) – published November 2018

4. 3 Tips for “Getting Out of the Habit of Telling” – Lean Talk from the Lean Transformation Summit 2018 (1477 views) – published August 2018

5. Toyota Leadership Lessons: Part 11 – “Everything is my learning journey” (1319 views) – published August 2018

6. Live with Intention, Lead with Intention: Intentions and Goal Setting for 2018 (807 views) – published January 2018

7. Interview with Mark Graban: “Measures of Success” (793 views) – published September 2018

8. Top 10 Experiences from Japan Lean Study Trip – May 2018 – #JapanLeanStudyTrip (742 views) – published June 2018

9. Interview with Karen Martin: “Clarity First” (622 views) – published March 2018

10. A reminder from a recent visit to Japan: Lean is not inherently Japanese (606 views) – published February 2018

Other popular posts read in 2018 published in past years

Many of the most visited posts on my blog in 2018 are those published in past years. I’ve included the top 5 most viewed posts published in earlier years below.

1. When to A3? 3 Problem Solving Tools to Match the Complexity of Your Problem 

(5836 views) – published in September 2016. This was the #1 post from 2016 and 2017.

2. Life in Japan: Omotenashi – the spirit of Japan’s customer service & hospitality

(5183 views) – published October 2016. This was the #2 post in 2017!

3. Coaching for Improvement: Using A3 Thinking For Personal Development (Part 1 – Overview from Lean Coaching Summit)

(3787 views) – published August 2016. This was the #2 most popular post from 2016 and #3 for 2017.

4. Life in Japan: Where cash is king (or rather the shogun)

(2427 views) – published January 2016. This was the #6 most popular post from 2016 and #5 post from 2017

5. Effective Questions to Support Problem Solving Thinking

(1727 views) – published September 2015

Thank YOU

I spread my love of daruma dolls around the world. Join me at a workshop or come find me at an event – I likely have a daruma doll for you to set an intention for 2019!

Thank you for reading and contributing to my blog! It’s been exciting to see my readership increase steadily over the past four years and I am appreciative of the connections around the world that writing this blog has helped facilitate.

I started this blog as a way to connect to a broader community while I was living in Japan. I’m so appreciative for the connections that I have developed internationally through my experiences and through sharing ideas with you all.

Writing has become an important way for me to reflect, to find and clarify my voice, and to have dialogue on important topics.

Comment and share

Thank you to everyone who has contributed and shared comments in 2017 and earlier. I have learned from all of your comments and value the engagement my posts generate.

Please continue to share your thinking by adding your comments, and sharing posts on social media if you enjoy them!

Best wishes for health, happiness, and learning in 2019! 

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