Two Podcasts on Learning and Leading – and a Daruma Giveaway!

It’s an exciting week! Not only did this week mark the three week anniversary of the debut of my book Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn as an Amazon #1 International New Release, but podcasts with two of my favorite hosts — Ron Pereira and Mark Graban — were released! Coincidentally, both episodes were the 5th time I have been on each of the Gemba Academy and Lean Blog podcasts.

Check out some highlights and the links to each of the episodes below.

Special Daruma Giveaway

For three lucky Gemba Academy and Lean Blog listeners based in the United States (sorry international listeners, right now this is limited to U.S. addresses only), I’m giving away a trio of mini darumas! You can click here to register by August 16!

Gemba Academy Podcast: Learning and Leading at Toyota

It’s always a great conversation with Ron Pereira! Episode 331 marks my 5th Gemba Academy podcast. You can get links to all of the past podcasts and additional resources on my special Gemba Academy page.

Overview of the podcast

In this episode recorded earlier this summer — a few weeks before my book Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn was published — we talk about topics ranging from managing through challenges, creating this book (and pivoting from the title and the original structure I’d envisioned), the role of leaders, the relationship between joy and happiness, and much more.

Listen to the podcast here:

GA 331 | Leading and Learning at Toyota with Katie Anderson

Below are some additional links that go deeper into some of the topics that Ron and I discuss.

Lean Blog Podcast with Mark Graban on Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn

Mark Graban has been an important supporter of mine in my writing journey — from getting this blog started in 2015 when I first moved to Japan to giving writing and publishing tips as I created my new book. In this episode — not just a podcast but a webcast too! – we focus not just on the outcome (my book!) but the actual process of writing and publishing.

Katie Anderson on “Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn”

Earlier in the spring too, Mark and I talked about the content of the book on the most highly attended (to date) webinar hosted by KaiNexus! Check it out if you want more details about the concepts within the book.

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If you live in the U.S., remember to register for the daruma trifecta giveaway until August 16, 2020!

Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn Endorsements

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