Webinar: Creating an Intentional People-Centered Culture

How do you create culture? As I’ve learned from Mr. Isao Yoshino – and from my own experiences leading change in organizations – it happens one person at a time!

In preparation for the release of my book Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn in July (now available for pre-order on Amazon), I’ve been on the webinar and podcast circuit! It’s been super fun for me to not just be working *on* the book (yes, I’m in the midst of the final edits!) but also being able to talk *about* the book. For each session, I’ve tried to take a slightly different angle and share new quotes and stories.

The focus of my latest webinar: creating culture!

Giveaway winners

Congratulation to Michael Stoker and Mary Lou Farinaro for winning a pre-order copy of my book! Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway. You can still get a copy of the book directly on Amazon (book releases in paperback and ebook in July – preorder not available in all regions).

“Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn: Creating an Intentional People-Centered Culture”

Available on Amazon!

In last week’s webinar with KaiNexus – hosted by my friend Mark Graban – I focused on how to create a people-centered culture in an organization. I told some stories from Mr. Yoshino’s 40+ year about leading the NUMMI training program, Kan-Pro (a 2-year leadership development program for Toyota leaders), and more.

Check out the link to view the webinar “Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn: Creating an Intentional People-Centered Culture” below – plus another follow-up video conversation Mark and I had this week to address questions that we didn’t have time to cover in the webinar.

For a copy of the slides from this webinar, click here.

You can also visit Mark’s LeanBlog post to hear a preview recording about our session and other info.

Off the charts!

One exciting data-point that Mark shared after the session is that the webinar had the highest registration rate of any previous KaiNexus session. Thank you so much for your interest in learning from me and the stories from Mr. Yoshino that have enriched my life and understanding about lean and leadership.

Follow-up questions

This week Mark and I got together again to dive further into the questions that participants asked in the initial webinar that we weren’t able to get to. We cover questions and topics including:

  • What are some examples of “a practical style is more important than precision” when setting targets?
  • How do your intentions as a leader differ if you are leading with influence vs. authority?
  • What are some examples that Mr. Yoshino had with people who didn’t want to be developed?
  • You talk about “what” and “how” – what about “why?”?
  • How do you start with setting targets if hoshin kanri isn’t already adopted in your organization?
  • How do you start with culture change?
  • How do you engage people to generate ideas?
  • And more!

Other sessions – past and future

To listen to some other webinars/podcasts about the book and conversations with Isao Yoshino, check out these sessions below. Future webinars, podcasts, and other learning experiences can be found on my Public Events page (and I’m always open to custom events for your organization!).

Webinar with Isao Yoshino: Learning to Lead at Toyota

Webinar – “Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn” April 2020


Lean Blog Podcast with Mark Graban #302

Join me to learn and practice

If you are looking for ways to practice your leadership and coaching skills, I regularly offer coaching communities of practice with my friend Karyn Ross (which we call K2C2 – Katie and Karyn’s Coaching Communities), and other workshops and webinars.

Visit my Public Events page for up-to-date listing of upcoming publicly offered learning experiences.

Visit the K2C2 Eventbrite page for upcoming dates and registration for K2C2 cohorts and workshops. K2C2 Cohort #6 starts on June 4, 2020. We practice “right-sized pricing”, which means pay what you can (even if nothing at all). Community is our first priority!

It’s all about learning

And remember, people-centered leadership is all about learning to lead – and leading to learn!Ā 

As Mr. Yoshino once told me, “The only secret to Toyota is its attitude towards learning.” It’s what we do to learn and to support the learning in others that is fundamentally how we will create a people-centered culture – one person at a time.


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